Understanding the data

  • What does Deal Dynamics data include? remove add
    Deal Dynamics is powered by an exclusive cross-border M&A data set that includes specific information relating to regional and sectoral activity.
  • What is the source of the data? remove add
    Hogan Lovells’ Deal Dynamics is sourced from Mergermarket’s proprietary M&A deals database, which tracks transfers in ownership of economic interests in ongoing business concerns in excess of US$5m.

    Deals qualify for inclusion into Mergermarket's database from the date of announcement of: the signing of a definitive/binding agreement if the deal is private; or a formal offer for a publicly listed company, where the offer is made to the shareholders of the target company.

    For more details about how Mergermarket collects data, please see Mergermarket's M&A deal database inclusion and league table criteria.
  • What time period does the data cover? remove add
    The data covers Q1 2010 to the present and is updated at the start of each quarter.
  • What sectors does the data cover? remove add
    • Aerospace and defense
    • Automotive and mobility
    • Consumer
    • Diversified industrials
    • Energy and natural resources
    • Financial institutions
    • Insurance
    • Life sciences and health care
    • Real estate
    • Technology, media, and telecommunications
  • How is the sector of a deal determined? remove add
    The sector of a transaction is defined by the dominant industry of the target company only.
  • What regions does the data cover? remove add
    • Africa
    • Asia-Pacific
    • Central and Eastern Europe
    • Latin America
    • Middle East
    • North America
    • Western Europe
  • How is cross-border M&A activity defined? remove add
    Cross-border M&A is defined as any M&A activity involving a buyer which is in a different country to the country where the target company or target company business is located.
  • What is the difference between inbound and outbound activity? remove add
    Inbound activity shows data for all cross-border M&A deals according to where the target company or target company business is located.

    Outbound activity shows data for all cross-border M&A deals according to where the buyer is located.

    Where a transaction involves the sale of multiple companies or assets with different geographies, target geography is based on the geography where most revenue is derived. If this cannot be determined, the geography in which the majority of the companies/assets are based is used.
  • Using the tool

  • How can the data be viewed? remove add
    You can view the data in three different ways - through the interactive map, the markets view, or the sectors view. Simply select the view control in the top right of the tool. The map view displays global cross-border activity at regional and country levels via an interactive heatmap; the markets view features a sortable table of geographic markets; and the sectors view shows a ranked list of industry sectors and their top five geographic markets of activity.
  • Can I view data for various quarters? remove add
    Yes. Our data set begins in Q1 of 2010. Simply use the parameters drop-downs to select a time period.
  • Can I view total activity? remove add
    Yes. Select “Totals” on the parameters drop-down.
  • Can I view a quarter’s activity compared to its historic performance? remove add
    Yes. You can view percentage comparisons for quarterly average, year-on-year, and quarter-on-quarter activity.

    Vs Q Avg
    The versus quarterly average control tab shows the percentage change for the selected quarter compared to the cumulative average of all quarters between Q1 2010 and the selected quarter. For example, in Q3 2018 the cumulative average would be calculated from Q1 2010 to Q2 2018. This control tab offers a powerful option for viewing the markets and sectors with the strongest or weakest performance each quarter.

    This control tab shows the year-on-year percentage change for the selected quarter against the same quarter in the previous year. For example, Q3 2018 would be compared against Q3 2017.

    This control tab shows the quarter-on-quarter percentage change for the selected quarter against the preceding quarter. For example, Q3 2018 would be compared against Q2 2018.
  • Can I view data by either the value or volume of deals? remove add
    Yes. The value/volume control lets you see data by either transaction value or volume of deals.
  • Can I view data by either inbound or outbound activity? remove add
    Yes. The inbound/outbound control lets you see data by either inbound or outbound activity. See above for the Deal Dynamics definition of inbound/outbound activity.
  • Can I view data by either region or country? remove add
    Yes. The regions/countries control lets you see the data at either the regional or country level.

    Because the regional view shows region-to-region activity, it will not include activity between countries within the same region (such as deal flow between the United States and Canada); therefore, it is possible that a region may show less activity than the individual countries comprising that region.
  • What does the map’s color coding indicate? remove add
    The map view displays all regions and countries shaded according to the following four control panel selections:

       - Totals
       - Vs Q Avg (versus quarterly average)
       - YoY (year-on-year)
       - QoQ (quarter-on-quarter)

    The key at the bottom right corner of the map shows the range of activity (either by value or volume) according to the panel selections.

    For Vs Q Avg, YoY, and QoQ, darker shades show an increase in percentage changes of cross-border M&A activity and the lighter shades highlight lower percentage changes of cross-border activity. If you are viewing Totals, darker shades indicate greater levels of cross-border M&A activity and lighter shades indicated lesser levels of cross-border M&A activity.
  • Getting involved

  • Can I receive alerts when new data and articles are available on Deal Dynamics? remove add
    Yes. Use the Subscribe form to sign-up to receive quarterly alerts with the latest data and market insights.
  • How can I contribute to Market Insights? remove add
    If you would like to participate in one of our market interviews or contribute to our market analysis, please reach out to Sarah Shaw or Carine Stoick.
  • How can I find out more about Hogan Lovells? remove add
    To find out more about Hogan Lovells, please visit the Contacts page, or select Our M&A capabilities or Our Private Equity capabilities for more information about our experience in these areas. Or visit hoganlovells.com.
  • How can I access the full data behind Deal Dynamics? remove add
    If you are a subscriber to Mergermarket, please contact your company’s client-relationship manager (or use Mergermarket's general enquiries form) for further advice on downloading data from Mergermarket’s deals database. For new subscription enquiries please contact Mergermarket’s regional headquarters.